Kyphosis Exercises

Kyphosis is a disorder characterized by humpback. Kyphosis movements are the exercises performed with the aim of preventing and correcting the orthopedic discomfort that causes the hump image at the back part of the vertebrae at an angle above 45 degrees.

It will be very healthy to do these exercises without facing such a discomfort. Because the spine is the main source of all physical disorders in our body. If we keep our spine and back in a healthy state, we can cope with many physical and physical ailments.We will share some of the Kifoz movements you can apply in your home.

The only thing we should warn you about is that kyphosis is one of the most difficult orthopedic disorders. Therefore, its treatment is also difficult. But thanks to these movements that you have mentioned, you can prevent your hump from further progress and prevent posture disturbances.

Preventive Movements

The easy exercise we call the bridge will help your back pain and low back pain to be extremely healthy, but it will be beneficial in Kyphosis. Because it strengthens your spine and your back. It also allows you to operate your abdomen and hip area.

Lie down on the ground, as it appears in the image. Place your feet on the floor and break your knees. Make sure your feet are in line with your hip. Keep your arms sideways, straight and free. Then, gently lift and lower your back. However, keep your feet on the ground. Choose slow movements so you don’t get too tired. Keep your back and shoulders on the ground. While doing all these movements, you can do sports at the same time by squeezing your abdominal and hip muscles.

It is a movement that will help you to stretch your back area and waist. First, lie down on the floor. Then, first, grasp your right leg with your hands and slowly pull your leg towards you. Follow the same procedure on your other leg after staying in this position for about 10 seconds. Flexion of your back and your back is extremely important in the treatment of Kyphosis.

It is one of the factors that triggered Kyphosis in sleep disorders and wrong sleep. Therefore, you must first check your walking and posture correctly. Then, by making various stretching movements during the day, you should make your joints and muscles more flexible.

If you wish, you can do this by sitting or you can also do standing. What you need to pay special attention to while doing this is to stand upright. Then bring your arm to the back of your head and extend your arm to your back. In the meantime, keep your other arm in your shoulder blade. After 5 seconds in this way, try to stretch your arm by pushing yourself backwards. This exercise will allow you to flex.

After performing this exercise for a while, complete the movement in the same way as your other arm.

With this movement that will help you relax your waist and your back and let your shoulders relax and you can find a solution to your hump and make your daily life better.

Bend your knees and sit on your legs. It is extremely important that you do various warm-up movements without making this movement. Therefore, we recommend that you do not try to apply the action at once.

After sitting on your legs, lean your forehead down. In the meantime, relieve your arms from the shoulder area and leave them at the sides. The main thing in doing this is that you should relax as much as possible and release yourself.

Exercise for about 40 seconds after moving to this position. Then end the movement in a controlled manner.

All of these movements will help you to maintain your breath control, and you will maintain your body’s health simply. By doing these exercises you can prevent your hump. You can make your daily life easier by evaluating options such as the upright sitting corset that you will get from the pharmacies along with the exercises, and you can avoid the orthopedic problems you experience in your spine. Remember that the best way to combat this kind of sickness is to reflect your whole life on the one hand while doing your exercises on a regular basis. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this disturbance, you should not spend long hours sitting down, always be careful to stand upright and walk in the right way. Keep in mind that there are no physical disorders that the correct posture and breathing cannot prevent.

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