Drop Foot Exercises

It can occur in low foot advanced lumbar discomfort. Especially, L4-L5 occurs when the tibialis anterior muscle loses its function as a result of bursting or damage of the hernia. The dorsi-flexion movement of the ankle upwards is not possible. It may occur in spinal fractures, lumbar canal stenosis. Symptoms may include symptoms such as ankle wearing, waist, leg and feet numbness, incontinence.

Exercise is one of the most appropriate treatment methods for moderate conditions, i.e. in cases of force loss and numbness. In addition, these patients are recommended to wear special shoes for foot drop on their feet. Over time, there may be problems in the other leg, especially in the knee, due to its heavy foot and excessive load on the knee. Therefore, it is recommended that these patients use knee pads to carry the weight while walking.

Drop Foot Exercises

1) Lower calf stretching

  • You are pulling your ankle towards you by taking a tire in your hand while you are in a sitting position with your feet extended.
  • In this movement, you are actually stretching your calf. Since your front muscle is weak, your calf muscles will be shortened because the foot is always on the back.
  • You wait 15 seconds in the stretching movement and repeat the movement

2) Isometric Exercise

  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting on a chair or standing up. Put your sturdy foot on your other foot
  • Try to lift your sick ankle while your other foot prevents it
  • In this way, leave your ismoetic muscle and leave for 10 seconds. Repeat this movement 50 times a day.

Note: This is the basic 2 moves here. The first is to stretch the calf muscles, and the second is to move the ankle upwards and to strengthen the tibialis anterior muscle. All movements are the same, but depending on your health situation, you can do these movements in different positions while sitting or lying down. You can work on strengthening the ankle in the form of lifting and lowering by attaching weight to your sick foot.

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