Face Exercises

Facial exercises are crucial for removing our plump cheeks and reducing wrinkles on our face and looking younger. It is very useful to repeat these exercises 5-10 times a day. According to researches, it provides a younger facial appearance between the ages of 5-10.

Exercise 1: Cheeks are inserted into facial cavities while smiling, cheeks and lips are collected. In fact, it becomes a shape like a fish face. Wait for 5-10 seconds. Do the movement 5 times.

Exercise 2: While keeping your eyebrows upright, lips bend like a kiss. Do the movement 4 times.

Exercise 3: Place your index and middle fingers on both cheeks and press. Count to 10 with deep breathing. Do it 10 times. They heal the lines and cheeks on both sides of the nose

Exercise 4: Inflate the cheeks and transfer air from one cheek to another until your breath runs out. Repeat 3 times. This is also called air circulation movement on the cheeks.

Exercise 5: Place your index and middle finger on your eyebrows. Have your ring and little finger on the side of the nose. Press for 10 seconds and exhale. Do it 15 times. With this movement, the forehead and eye area becomes tight.

Exercise 6: Breathe in the index finger eyebrows, thumbs on both sides of the mouth. Apply pressure with your fingers. At the same time, pull in two directions and create tension. Wait 10 seconds and then do it again.

Movement 7: Hold your lips as “O” and blow air through your mouth. This is also called the huffing movement in the healthcare industry or medicine.

Movement 8: Another movement for the food and cheeks, move your lower lip over your upper lip. Even get close to your nose. Wait and repeat after rest. Do the movement 10 times

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