Things to know about Mi Robot Vacuum

We summarize what you need to know about Mi Vacuum Robot on our page. Cleaning devices, brooms and similar things that we usually use in our homes are also important in terms of decor. From this point of view, a Vacuum robot that keeps the house clean all the time will be very useful. Of course, there are important things you should know about the use of this device. Knowing the details such as usage, maintenance, installation, parts, and use of navigation will enable you to use the device more efficiently and for a longer period of time.

Positioning the charging station

Put the charging station next to the electrical socket. But it should not be in a place like a chair or armpit. It should be in a position where you can see the GPS signals and wifi area. If there is another object in contact with it on both sides of the device, and a clearance of more than 1 meter must be left in front of it. You can put it aside so that the excess cables do not get tangled in the device.

How to setup Your Mi Robot

To set up your device, download the Mi home application from the play store or download it directly via the QR code. After making your wifi connection, you can use the device by not applying it and making the necessary settings. When opening the app for the first time, it will ask you to have a Mi account. You can register and open with your e-mail.

How to use

It is enough to press the button for 3 seconds to open the vacuum mop. The device will turn on and start cleaning your house in an S shape. When the device’s charge is low, it will automatically return to its station, fill its charge and resume cleaning from where it left off. Yes, it sounds very good, but you may have to constantly adjust from the beginning when the points that need attention are not followed. Therefore, do not forget to remove the obstacles in front of the device. Do not move the slot of the device during cleaning. If the device is stuck somewhere, if the battery runs out, if there is a navigation error or any other problem, wait, the device that is stationary will turn off in 10 minutes. Take it and put it in its slot, after the battery is full again, it will start cleaning from the beginning, not from where it left off.

Dust Compartment

How to charge Vacuum mop

When you place the vacuum mop in the charging station, it starts to charge automatically. The indicator light flashes white while the device is charging, this light is solid when the battery is fully charged. It is necessary to fully charge the device for the first use.

Important notes

  • You do the device update through the application.
  • Press the start button for 10 seconds to force the vacuum mop off. Press for 3 seconds to turn it back on.
  • If you cannot clear the faults of the device, reset it by pressing the reset button for a needle help and set it up again.

Things to consider about Mi Robot Vacuum

Children and pets should not play with this appliance. Both the health of the device and the power cord and vacuum mop etc. should not be touched by children. Keep the brush cleaner and small parts out of the reach of children.

While using the device, do not collect small parts that may break or be damaged on the floor. You should not keep harder materials such as balls and screws on the floor in order not to damage the device.

Do not try to carry items, take children or pets on it just because the device is moving, the vacuum mat may break.

While maintaining or cleaning the device, make sure that the device is turned off and unplugged from the power cord. Never wipe your device parts with a wet cloth, wipe them with a dry cloth.

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