Elastic (Resistance) Band Exercises

One of the most important things for human life and body is a life in motion. The main reason for the many discomforts we encounter frequently in our society is not exercising and staying still. Therefore, none of the people who are on the move will not have basic physical disorders.

People who decide to do sports after long periods of inactivity are able to exercise their bodies and invite other problems. Therefore, if you are in such a situation, you can start healthy exercises by obtaining elastic bands.

Elastic bands are sold in exclusive pharmacies, sports centers and medical outlets. These tapes are easily available for purchase by anyone. These tapes are available in various colors. The color of the bands is measured by your body’s resistance level. You can use bands according to your body’s sophistication. Let us introduce you with a few exercises you can do with these tapes.

Exercise: Twist both knees and hold the tire with both hands, with your body facing the front. Then press the center of the tire with one foot on the front. Then swing your arms up and back to give your breath.

Exercise: Hold both ends of the tire with your hand and grasp it while you are in the standing position. Secure one hand to the back of your thigh. Keep your other elbow in the same way as your head. Then stretch the tire by extending your arm upwards. Apply the same movement to your other arm.

Exercise: Open your feet with shoulder width. Then grasp the tire again with both hands and point it toward the front of the shoulder. Then pull your knees up and down while you breathe out. But in this movement you should be aware that your knees should not come forward.

Exercise: Lie down on the floor. Open your feet with a shoulder distance and fasten the tire at the knee level. In the meantime, keep your knees bent up to ninety degrees. While giving your breath, open both sides to the sides.

Exercise: Lie down on the floor. When you are in this state, pass your foot in the middle of the tire and grasp it with your hands. Keep your other foot kinked to 45 degrees. When giving your breath, stretch your foot forward without touching the ground.

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