Knock Knees Exercises

Genu valgum is an x-shaped formation in the knee bone alignment, especially in children. As the age grows, it shows some improvement. It appears more frequently in girls than in boys. Genu valgum (knock kness) can be seen for many reasons but one of the most important reasons is the lack of vitamin D. It is a disorder called rickets.

Preventing rickets will help improve the appearance of the leg. Therefore, it is very important to take the necessary vitamin D and calcium and phosphorus in the early period. In the sunlight, it will be useful to be 15-20 minutes a day.

This situation may cause different and serious problems in later times. Exercise can also help improve this appearance. If you take advantage of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus and sunlight enough, another thing to do is exercise.

Exercises for Knock Knees

1- Knee external rotation strengthening with theraband

2-Strengthening the Hip/Glutes

3- Ankle Mobility

4- Squatting with banded


15 thoughts on “Knock Knees Exercises

  1. I also have a knock knees problem
    I am 16 years old
    And after a few months
    I have to face very difficulties in physical and medical test in NDA(yes I have filed the form for the test)
    Tell me how I can correct my knock knees problem within a few months
    Please tell me
    It’s very urgent

    1. I am 33 years old male person, I have knock knees but my feet are not that much seperated, but my ankles are much exposed which makes my feet bend to inside then my ankle becomes big and more sharp on the outer sides, I do not know what kind of stand is this and i real want to correct it please tell me how i am gonna do it??please help

    2. Bro,
      have your knocked knees been cured.
      I too have knocked knees , can you please tell me solution to cure it , bro please help

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