JBL Portable Speaker ( Setup & more..)

JBL Speaker is easy to carry, lightweight, portable, has models in different shapes, colors and sizes. As a general appearance, it will contribute to the decorative sense as it has a stylish appearance where you put the device. It is a device suitable for everyone with its simple to use and the same interface appearance in all models. It has simple and unique buttons. The durable fabric used on the models is of high quality. You can combine your loudspeaker needs with a decorative stylish look. No matter which model you have, the installation is the same. For example; Jbl parybox 100 etc..

How to Setup JBL Portable Speaker

You should charge your JBL device first. For this, you can charge the device via the USB cable provided in the package by removing the cover at the bottom of the device. For other charging methods, you can use an audi cable or a battery bank.

The next issue in the charging process is matching. Turn on your speaker. Press the Bluetooth button. Then the power button will flash blue and make a sound.A flashing light means a connection is expected. By the way, if your mobile phone’s bluetooth is turned on, the connection is made quickly and the blue light is provided. You select the device to connect to via your mobile phone and perform the pairing process.

The common thing to do with almost all devices connected via Bluetooth is: you download the relevant application from the play market. Then you pair it with the device via bluetooth. If the connection will be made via wifi, complete the connection by entering the wifi password on the application. If you want to connect your device to other devices, you can connect your computer or mobile phone via bluetooth.

If you want to use multiple JBL portables at the same time. You choose which devices you want to connect by saying + add device through the application you downloaded and you say complete the process. With this feature called JBL Connect, you can connect your JBL Charge or JBL Flip brand speakers.

How to Reset a JBL Speaker

If you want to sell your device, there are problems with application updates, there are problems with device settings and you cannot fix it, the best thing you can do to fix the problems is resetting. Because you will not lose much data after resetting, resetting is an easy action to solve problems. To reset press and hold the volume up and play/pause button together

Solving JBL Portable Speaker Problems

Problems and solutions are generally similar to each other in technological devices. We can say that it is exactly the same in different types of models of the same device. So it doesn’t matter if you have a JBL Flip 4 device or a JBL Charge 3, if you encounter these problems, the solutions are as we mentioned here.

1) The first solution is to turn the device on and off as usual. If the problem is not resolved after this process, the most likely problem is not with the device. Then you need to check your wifi network connection and bluetooth connections. 90% of your problems are caused by these connection errors. If the connection is not successful, turn all devices off and on or bring the devices closer together, so the connection area will get closer, so the process will be easy.

2) A different issue may be related to the version of the respective JBL connect application. First, update the application. If your problems are not resolved, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling this application.

3) If the problem is caused by a change you made, undo that change. You can delete cookies on your devices or try to remove the changes you have made. If the problem is not resolved despite all these, you can do a device reset as the last thing to do.

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