Ankle – Foot Rehab Exercises

Strengthening the ankle muscles according to their functions is a better way to prevent ankle injuries. I mean to strengthen it according to its function; Its muscle in the foot is different from its series. For example, the ankle aether muscles function by contracting eccentrically during the walking phase. In other words, while leaving the foot while walking, they lower it in a balanced way so that it does not hit the ground as a screed. Ankle sprains are usually caused by the weakness of these muscles. But many people do not do much to strengthen the ankle muscles isotonic with the weight, and the muscle that does not work eccentrically is condemned again.

There are many situations similar to the example I have given. Also, as the different actions of some ailments that should be done according to them. For example, you can find the low foot exercises mentioned on our site here. >> foot drop exercises

On this page, we list some movements that you can practice ankle rehabilitation. These exercises include stability and flexibility movements as well as strengthening exercises. A healthy walk should be able to fully perform these muscles.

With your hands, bend your front knee against a wall and wait until you stretch your calves without bending your back knee. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Stand in the position as in the picture above. Feel the tension in your back calf muscles and wait for 10 seconds. Your gastro soleus muscles will be stretched.

Sit with one foot bent and the other stretched out. Push the elastic band attached to your feet with your foot. Repeat this 20 times. You can see the exercises with elastic bands here.

Put a cushion under your feet. Then attach a resistance band as shown in the picture to your ankle. Pull your ankle towards you to provide resistance to the band. Your knee should be slightly bent. Do this exercise twice a day for 20 repetitions.

Cross your feet to each other. The bottom foot will be the solid foot. Attach a resistance band to your upper foot. Twist the ankle from the ankle and rotate it inwards and sideways. Repeat this movement 20 times, 2 times a day.

Wrap a tape around your affected foot as shown in the picture. Move your foot outward and sideways to resist the tape. This movement is called foot inversion. Do this exercise twice a day for 20 repetitions.

Note: You can do many more exercises to strengthen your feet and ankles. These are simple movements for rehabilitation in ankle disorders. Taking a walk out of them. doing double-leg and one-foot jumping. You can do exercises such as cycling and climbing stairs in the future.

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  1. I am having stroke and foot drop after already 5yrs can’t walk without a support stick very difficult please help me who is expert on it plz cure my foot drop problem as Soon as possible!!!

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