Piriformis Syndrome Exercises

Piriformis syndrome is caused by the destruction of the sciatic nerve passing under the thigh and hip. The cause of this damage is the piriformis muscle, which is located just under the thigh. It can create a feeling of numbness and pain from the hip leg area to the sole of the foot. Pain is annoying, especially in the hip area. The main reason here consists of the wrong loading of the piriformis muscle. When this muscle is too short, problems begin.

The length of the piriformis muscle may be shortened due to reasons such as sitting in the same position for a long time, wrong posture, losing flexibility, falling on the hip. It can cause a hip-thigh pain that does not sleep at night. In all cases that have not reached the advanced level, the best treatment method is exercise. You can get rid of this discomfort in a short time with stretching and stretching exercises for piriformis muscle.

Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome

1) Single-row abdomen

  • With one hand, with one knee, pull it towards your abdomen.
  • Keep the hip in a position to feel the best tension behind you
  • Wait 15 seconds like this

2) Turning the knees sideways

  • Rotation of the waist from both sides to the side with the back lying down
  • In this movement, the piriformis muscle opposite the side turned is stretched. So if you turned to the left side, the right piriformis muscle is stretched.
  • Repeat the movement in both directions
  • Stretch for 10 seconds on each move and then apply on the other side

3) Hip flexion by throwing leg on leg

  • Throw one leg over the other in the supine position. The angle in between can be close to 90 streams.
  • Have a hip flexion on your flat leg. So pull it towards you.
  • On the other side, the piriformis muscle of the leg will be stretched. Wait 15 seconds in this way and then repeat the movement.
  • As a more advanced technique, pull the piriformis muscle towards you with your leg bent at the knee. The other leg will remain flat on the ground. Wait 15 seconds like this (2)

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  1. I have been having a physiotherapist section for over a month ,yet am not improving.

    How long does it take to for priformis to go …

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