DIY Dekorasyon Fikirleri

Today’s society is transforming into a consumer society and losing its skills such as creativity and original thinking. One of the biggest drawbacks of the consumer society is the generation of a generation far from thinking and creating. Therefore, in order to prevent this and to evaluate some of the materials we have, homemade works have become popular in many areas.

When decoration is mentioned, handmade objects are popular, many people have inspired and DIY decorations have become popular today. In this article we will give you a nice decoration suggestions that you can make yourself at home.

If you like the presence of different objects in your home, you can make yourself a candle holder with the bohemian weather you can find outside. You can make a marginal candle holder by sticking it around the jar, which is the same size as the average size. This candle holder you can create in 5 minutes will become an indispensable part of your home.

If you want something different, you can also make a candle holder or a night light by using the metal tins in your home. All you have to do is remove the brand emblem on an empty metal can. You can paint in any color. Place candles into the can by opening as many holes as you want.

Do you want to use different glasses? Well, then, how about you stick a pair of ice cream sticks together and paint them as you please? If you wish, connect the bars together, if you wish, try a new model by pasting them together. In each sense, you will get different and beautiful results.

Do you have musical instruments that are broken or no longer used in your home? For example, there is a guitar or reed? Well, how about emptying this instrument and making yourself a brand new wall shelf? You can really admire your friends with this method that will allow you to create extremely spectacular results.

Why throw away the oldest staircase in your house? Take this ladder, paint it in any color. And then what? Make yourself a new bookshelf by allocating space for this staircase in a corner suitable for your home.

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