Breathing Exercises

Breathing with the right breathing techniques is a factor that will affect the quality of your daily life positively. On the basis of many ailments and discomfort actually takes place to take the wrong breath. With proper breathing, you can get rid of your discomfort in many areas from respiratory system problems to digestive system problems, and you can continue to live with a body that is as clear as you can be surprised. We will give you examples of the right breathing techniques by giving you certain breathing exercises.

• Tilt your head slightly forward while holding your spine straight. In doing so, you should prevent your body from contracting, so you should be in a comfortable position. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply. You should give this breath with a few seconds. For example, give your first breath in 1 second. Then give your breath in 2 seconds. Apply this exercise for as many seconds as you can. You will be forced after a certain period of time, return to the beginning and give in 1 second.

This exercise, called breathing exercise, is one of the most effective breathing exercises. Breathe quickly through your nose. But you must completely close your mouth with your nose. The important thing about this exercise is to take short breaths at equal intervals. But you shouldn’t do it for more than 20 seconds. Apply once a day and do not extend.

• Hold your back straight and sit back. Place the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth so that it stays there throughout the entire exercise. During this exercise, you should breathe through your tongue. Give your first breath in the normal way, while your other breaths make a buzzing sound. After that, hold your breath for about 7 seconds, and make a buzzing sound in the same way.

When you apply these exercises correctly and effectively, you will actually feel that you have not been breathing correctly until now. Because the differences before and after the exercise are so obvious that the difference will be extremely refreshing. Don’t be afraid if you feel a restlessness or tension in your abdomen, neck or chest, when the exercises are over. These disturbances tell you that you are doing your exercises correctly and that breathing techniques have succeeded.

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