Belly Fat Burning Exercises

With the arrival of summer, excess weight was replaced by tight bodies and muscular masses. As it is known, the region where the most oil accumulates is our environment. It is important for everyone to correct the ugly appearance of this region, which we call the navel in the language of the people.

Fat deposits around the belly not only cause an ugly appearance, but also affect your health. Especially diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, heart and vascular diseases are the most serious problems facing people who are faced with weight problems. It’s a lot simpler than you actually think. You can easily get rid of excess fat from your belly area by using certain exercises that you can apply at home.

Half Shuttle: Lie down on the ground to apply this movement. Press down hard on the soles of your feet. Place your arms diagonally under your head flat. Breathing control is extremely important when applying the movement. Breathe in while you’re lying down and give your breath. This exercise will improve your abdominal muscles.

Bike Stance: Lie down on the floor. Lift your knees up at a 90-degree angle and twist slowly. Combine your elbows in your neck area. However, move your left knee closer to your right elbow. After completing this movement, complete your movement with your other leg and elbow.

Circling: Reach out on the ground again. Paste your hands into your body. Lift your right leg straight up and hold your toes firmly on the ceiling. Then draw a circle with your leg. Repeat this action for about 1 minute.

Candle Posture: Lie down on the floor. Hold your palms facing forward. Keep your head and shoulders steady when you move. Glue your legs together and lift them to the air with care not to bend at an angle of up to 90 degrees. Give your breath while lifting your feet and breathe when you lie down.

Plank Exercise: It is one of the exercises that will force you the most. You can easily understand how effective it is to give a serious burning sensation. Stand on your knees, hold your hands upright and face down on the ground. Hold your feet on one hand while you stand at your fingertips, with your hands and elbows on the floor.

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