Prayer is a nice exercise

Doing exercise is very important for your health. everyone agrees about it. However, doing sports may cause different injuries depending on the type of sport. Therefore, exercising will regulate many systemic systems of the body and keep the human being fit.

When we pray, we make a lot of exercise. In addition, these exercises do not force our body in a certain number and time. This exercise, which we will do without forcing ourselves 5 times a day, is the most suitable for our health. Of course, our Lord, Who created us, has given us what is best for us.

Prayer is the most appropriate knee for our knee joint to perform the exercise of the knee muscles are performed in both isometric and knee muscles are strengthened. In addition, the back group is stretching the muscles. In this way, knee arthritis and meniscus injuries are treated by strengthening our knee joint. It also protects the knee joint against repeated injuries.

It also strengthens the abdominal muscles in the waist and at the same time provides the isometric contraction. Again, stretching the waist muscles. So what’s the use of it? It has a protective effect against discomfort such as low back pain and herniated disc and it has a therapeutic effect.

We take ablution before praying. When we wash certain organs of the body, we are both cleaned and have increased circulation and massage effect.

Prayer in prayer in the last time our head touches the ground and the blood comes to our brain again and then again by leaning back into the blood of the brain are pumped. Thus, by reversing the blood flow, we pump blood to the brain, which we normally send very little blood to. In this, we can talk about the positive effect of our brain functions for better functioning and memory development. It will also protect against diseases like alzeymır.

It is a fact that praying apart from all these causes peace and humiliation of people from mental illness and depression. Already being awake in hormonal prayer times is very important in terms of the hormone release and balance of the body. Some religious warnings, such as being awake in the morning prayer time and not lying in the sun, are all for our health.

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