Physical Therapy Treatments

Physical therapy removes many bodily problems. However, it should be known that it should be applied consciously and this issue should be taken into consideration. In addition, some exercises that are used in physical therapy can be easily tried and prevent some problems. However, if you have a serious physical problem and you have pain, you should do these exercises under the supervision of a doctor.

If you have chronic pain, if your pain is more severe, you should undergo a doctor’s exam before applying these exercises. We will share with you the main exercises that will set an example for you. You can find some of the three major physical therapy exercises that will be good for your arm, shoulder, waist, hip and neck pain in the following of our article.

Physical Therapy Strategies For Arm

  • Hold the edge of the table with your hand and tilt your body slightly forward. Take a slight weight on your aching arm and shake it forward and forward and left and right. Then draw in circles clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Turn to a wall and attach your arm to your chest. Then push the wall with your fist with the right angle. Apply this motion for about 5 seconds. Then complete the exercise by pushing your arm sideways and back against the wall.
  • Finally, attach your painful arm to your body and hold the painful arm in the upright position with your firm hand. When trying to open your aching arm out, avoid it with your firm hand.

Physical Exercise Strategies For Waist

  • Put your hands in your lower back and put your abdominal muscles in your lower back with your hands.
  • Bend your knees and pull your hands and both legs towards yourself. Make sure your waist is in a straight position. If you don’t have a problem with your neck, you can lift your head towards your knee when you pull your legs.
  • Put your hands and feet on the floor, go to the position of crawling. After you reach this position, lift your head up and turn your back into a pit. Then try to hump your back while gently lowering your head down.

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Physical Therapy Strategies For Hip

  • Lie down on your back. Bend one leg slightly and pull it towards yourself with your hands. Apply it separately for both legs, and then apply it together. But make sure that every application keeps your other leg straight.
  • Lie down on your back. Bend your knees and secure your feet to the ground. Then lift your hips up with strength from your legs.
  • Sit flat. Open your feet and bring your knees closer together. Then open your knees by doing your feet again this time.

Physical Therapy Treatments For Knee

  • Lie down on your back. In this position, keep your knee straight and raise your leg 45 degrees without bending. If this exercise does not affect you enough, you can try again by connecting light weights to your ankles.
  • Raise your feet at the level of your shoulders. Put your back straight on the wall and slowly squat on the ground. Your knees should be bent up to 90 degrees. Of course, there will be a 90 degree forecast.
  • Sit and place a roll object under your knee. Put your hands on your right and left side and press down on your knees to crush this roll under your knee. For this exercise, you can benefit from the strength of your hands.

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Physical Therapy Treatments For Neck

  • Place one hand on the side of your head. Then try to avoid your head with your hands while trying to push your head towards your hand.
  • Slowly and slowly turn your head towards the right side. Wait 2 seconds and turn left at the same slow speed this time. Then bend back slowly this time holding your head straight. Repeat the transaction by waiting for 2 seconds again.
  • Place one hand in your temple, and place the other hand behind your head. Avoid this action with your hand when you are trying to turn your head towards your hand in your temple.

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We shared the basic physical therapy exercises with you about the five physical problems that are particularly popular and encountered with the pain problem. When you practice these exercises, you should not force yourself and if you feel any strain, you should stop the movements. According to the stage of each disease a different physical therapy method is followed. Therefore, unconscious movements will hurt you more and perhaps cause your illness to progress.

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