Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder, waist and neck pains trigger and affect each other has become one of the most common problems today. Shoulder pain is one of the most common problems encountered especially in people who are constantly working with arm force. Although shoulder pain may seem as simple and easily blocked, it is very easy to become chronic and become a permanent disease.

The shoulder joint is not a fixed structure, but rather an extremely complex joint. For this reason, it is inevitable to have a problem with the shoulder after a certain age. However, some chronic diseases and disorders that cause shoulder pain may be experienced. For example, calcification, tendons, compression, capsule rupture and many similar situations must be intervened by a professional eye. In such cases, physical therapy under the control of the doctor should be seen.

Choice Of Physical Therapy Choices

Physical therapy is a mandatory option in cases such as shoulder-related diseases and fall, tearing. Physical therapy methods are preferred according to the stages of the discomfort experienced. In other words, the type of physical therapy that can be applied to each shoulder pain will be different.

  • If the pain is acute, cold treatments are usually preferred . However, it is supported by painkillers.
  • Pain will affect the deep areas of discomfort caused by the so-called deep heater applications will come to the fore.

Of course, physical therapy applications are not limited to these. Today, the most widely applied and popular application of short wave diathermi and ultrasound applications containing physical therapy applications. The purpose of these applications is to stimulate the shoulder joints that have remained still.

If the goal is to avoid surgery, physical therapy should be continued for at least 1 year. And at the end of this year, it must be decided whether or not it is enough.

What Should Be Considered For Shoulder Health

You can protect your shoulder health by maintaining your daily life consciously avoiding shoulder pain.

  • You should not use your shoulder frequently in activities above 90 degrees.
  • You shouldn’t push your shoulder.
  • The shoulder should not be stretched by lifting weights. You must carry it by resting intermittently.
  • If you are sports, you should definitely get professional support.

Shoulder Pain Exercises

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