Low Back Pain Exercises

Low back pain is one of the pain that every segment will face once in their lives. These pains that affect quality of life negatively affect daily habits. There may be many known causes of lumbar hernia; he / she may indicate a disease; Lumbar pain in the first place always suggests that the lumbar hernia is not an important reason for this diagnosis. Low back pain is usually caused by:

• Performing movements with disruptive effect on spine structure
• Heavy and unconscious hoisting
• Tension caused by excessive stress
• Wrong seating positions as a result of incorrect choice of seats and beds
• Calcification problems due to improper nutrition and immobility
• Excess weight

These and other reasons cause severe back pain, even if you do not have a specific disease. If you are suffering from these pains, you can relieve your back pain with certain movements you will apply.

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Bridge Building

Bend your knees so that your soles are flat on the floor. Make sure your waist is flat on a hard surface and raise your hips upwards.

Pulling the Knees to the Abdomen

Reach on a hard surface and lift one of your knees and then the other. Then pull both knees to your stomach, fixing them with your hands and pulling them toward your chest. Note that your back should still be in the flat state. Pull your knees to your chest for 5 seconds, then lower your knees in order to continue lying flat.

Half Shuttle Pull

Lay on your back on the ground and keep your knees in the air by twisting. Then support your head with your hands and lift your shoulders from the floor to your knees.

Kicking Thigh

Stand on your hands and knees. Bring your waist to the flat position, and then gently lift one leg to move it calmly. You need to stay in this position for 5 seconds. Then come to your first state and push the other leg back in the same way. This exercise will work well for your low back pains and muscles.


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  1. Narrowing between L4 and L5 and L5 to S1. Bulging disk as well. What exercises can I do to inprove and strengthen back and core. Would appreciate email.

  2. Will these exercises be beneficial in DISC ailment cases or other exercises need to be followed? Kindly mail comprehensive advice

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