How to Clean the Third Eye?

The third eye is a mystical organ of sight to see and perceive the energies. This organ, which is located between our two teeth, is extremely relevant to the chakras. There is a serious difference between the world we perceive through our eyes and other sensory organs and the world we actually see. This is the third eye of the difference.

This eye, which we can use in order to reach reality, reach real feelings and get away from the energies of the material universe, is in fact open from birth. But our feeding patterns, our wishes in the material world, our sufferings, our stresses and many similar factors can cause this eye to close. Of course, the third eye can be closed or opened at the same time. As a result of certain planned studies, each of us can clean and reuse the third eye.

In order to clean and open the third eye, we have to repeat certain studies systematically.

First, consciously be fed. Recently, nutrition and food are extremely unhealthy and additive products are produced. These foods cause the third eye to close. The first thing you need to do is conscious, light and organic nutrition. You should stay away from heavy foods. In addition, frequent and low-consumption are extremely important for both your health and your energy.
You must stay away from all kinds of factors that will reduce your energy. You should know that the third eye is an organ that is directly related to the energies. You must take your energy out of everything that exploits you and bring your energy back to a high and stable position.
Opening your third eye will help you in your sense. So you need to control your feelings. The first way to do this is to move from calm to thought. To achieve this, you need to apply breathing techniques. You can breathe 10 times a day by breathing, you can repeat your emotion world as you accumulate.
Sit and lie down comfortably and freely to make the breath work; inflate your abdomen and take a deep breath. After you hold a small amount of water, slowly leave your breath to the end. Do this for 10 minutes.
Another way to clean the third eye is through sleep. First of all, you need to perform the actions ”Less sleep, less talk, less eat. Öncelikle Therefore, you should give up long sleep for this purpose. Do your breathing work before you go to sleep and imagine the energy of your body and the color of your energy when you lie down on your bed. Imagine that this energy travels, grows and shrinks. This technique can be developed individually. You can also imagine yourself wandering around the house. This is completely up to you.
The third eye is very concerned with belief. You must always keep your faith constant and high. For this reason, by benefiting from God’s words, we can raise the energy within us by reading the Esma. Sitting or lying down by closing your eyes in deep breathing and giving back your breath by saying that you can give up. Then you can repeat the Esma by familiarity.
The third eye determines the area of ​​frequencies emitted from your brain. The more clear and clear your third eye is, the higher your detection area will be. Therefore, you must direct your brain frequencies to achieve this. You can listen to various meditation and soul development music before going to bed at night. Continuing from this music during your sleep will affect the depth of your sleep and will allow you to perform third eye opening work even during sleep. At the same time, the music you listen to in the morning should also affect your brain frequencies positively.
Imagine objects when you are idle, so you can do a third eye-opening work in your seat. Look at any object for about 20 seconds and then close your eyes and imagine that you see that object. In fact, the third eye you see this object that you see with your eyes closed. Therefore, the clearer this image, the more clear your third eye.

Keep in mind that each individual is aware of his / her own energy field and uses this energy field to spread it around the same process. Some have high abilities in this area and one day they can reach their goals. But some people are able to reach their goals as a result of long efforts. These studies need to be done in a systematic way without forgetting that it requires patience and awareness. Each study cleans your third eye a little more.

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  1. Can you help me in the process of my third eyes opening as all my efforts has proved abortive

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