Hand Exercises

There may be many causes of pain in the hand and wrist area. Swelling of the wrist and inflammation may cause pain on the entire hand. Calcification of the wrist bones and rheumatic diseases cause pain in this region.

If you have a problem with your wrist, you should first see your doctor and follow the treatment program. If it is an acute condition, you can apply ice for 10 minutes. Exercise is one of the best treatment methods for long-term problems. This page will show you the exercises for wrist pain.

1- Punch and open back

  • You can do this as often as you want during the day. As if punching someone, tighten the palm of your hand and open it again. Repeat this repeatedly.

2- Finger bending

  • Stand in the starting position with your palm open
  • Bend all your fingers one by one and open it back
  • When you bend your fingers wait for 3 seconds.

3- Make an ‘O’

  • Bend your fingers and turn it into O shape as if you were holding a ball in your hand
  • Wait 5 seconds in this position and return to the starting position.

4- Finger Lifting

  • Put your wrist in the prone position on the mas with your fingers open.
  • Lift your fingers up one by one. Do this for each finger. When you lift your finger, wait 3 seconds.

5- Wrist Flexion Extension

  • With the help of your other hand, bend your wrist forward and stay in this position for about 10 seconds.
  • Bend your wrist upwards in the same way. With the help of your other hand, press a little and wait 10 seconds.

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