Applications to reduce knee pain

Knee pain is one of the common discomforts we encounter in our daily lives. Although it is a problem in older ages, it has become common complaint of all ages today.

Although there are certain causes of knee pain, it is usually caused by simple and daily causes. You may face serious diseases such as meniscus, or you may face pain as a result of forcing your knee. For this reason, if you experience long-term pain, you should definitely go to a doctor’s check. Of course, there are applications to ease your knee pain until the doctor checks. If you wish, let’s take a look at these applications in order.

Cold Application

The first known method is, of course, what we call cold compress. Knee pain is extremely good for cold compress should be applied with attention. But cold compress should not always be applied to every knee pain. Because if you are facing a pain caused by forcing your knee, cold compress can make your situation worse. Because it will stretch your joints and cause you to push harder. For this reason, if you have made a wrong move, if you have taken a blow to your knee, you should apply cold in order to prevent the swelling that will occur. A bag full of ice will do your job in this sense.

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In the event of knee pain, we feel a need to avoid moving the knee. But this is a known mistake. In the event of knee pain, you should actually move your knee and open your knees. Of course, the movements we are talking about are not the movements that will strain your knees and aggravate the situation. You should avoid keeping your knee still for a long time with daily and light movements to prevent your joints from getting used to inactivity. Because the Joint used to be inactivity, will cause much more pain in the movement. It will also be useful to lie down with your legs up when you need to rest.

Compression Tapes

Compression tapes, which you can use to purify your knee from wrong movements, should only be used for a certain period of time if there is no doctor control. In case of continuous use, it can cause more serious problems. However, the first day of the pain will be extremely useful when used in conjunction with muscle relaxants and simple pain causes will be eliminated.

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8 thoughts on “Applications to reduce knee pain

  1. Hi i am having knee proplem since i was 15 knee legmentry it is very bad i cant walk or do anything it keeps on paining

  2. I am 50 years old I have had total knee replacement on both knees and revised on my left knee already. I have osteoarthritis in my neck knees hips and lower back. I’m 230 lbs because I hurt have no energy am very stiff. I thought my knee pain would be gone after knee surgery but it isn’t. Help please tell me what to do and where to start.

  3. I had a verti6 sleeve Gastrectomy a month ago and an arthroscopic lateral partial meniscectomy on my L knee yesterday. Everything seems fine but I wonder what meniscus exercises I should do and what I should avoid. It was a degenerative vertical tear to the anterior horn. I am a 58 yrs old overweight woman.

  4. Just had complete knee replacement my insurance gave me vist to therapy I’m done with still have trouble bending knee back ward need more workouts

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